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Pedicab Mobile Advertising 

Austin's downtown entertainment district attracts nearly 20 million people every year. There are thousands of people every weekend on 6th street, Rainey Street, West 6th street etc.. That's not counting the constant stream of special events or the thousands of others meandering through the rest of the 78701 area code, or the roughly 100,000 full-time residents of downtown.  All in all, that's a lot of eyeballs that we are passing in front of our mobile billboards. Our riders are always looking for the most densely populated areas they can be in. That's just the nature of the business.

Full Wrap Ads

Wrap ads utilize the back, sides and front panels of our fiber glass carriages giving a full 360 degree view.  Wrap ads cover the entire carriage essentially branding the entire pedicab  Incorporate the colors of your brand across the entire ad space.  

Panel Ads

Panel Ads incorporate the large back panel, two side panels and a large front panel.  Panel ads are effective at branding and leaving lasting impressions.



Branding: Uniform/Brand T-shirts/Costumes and Complete Custom Branding of Pedicabs

Our personable and enthusiastic riders can wear t-shirts, hats and costumes displaying your logo and mascots to the world.

We also specialize in working with our clients to create unique branding to increase brand awareness.  Pedicabs can be customized to fit just about anything you can think of.  Our pedicabs are motorized and can carry just about anything.  We can customize the carriage to resemble a giant bed, hamburger, throne etc.  

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